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Sibos 2019: Swift reveals 41 second European payments pilot

Written by Ruby Hinchliffe Swift has revealed its latest European payments pilot at Sibos which took 41 seconds to travel from Singapore to Germany, following FinTech Future‘s exclusive preview on the announcement. Using a combination of gpi and domestic real-time payments networks, Swift has partnered with gpi banks to deliver instant international payments, which are […]

Sibos 2019: Regulation isn’t enough to trust the cloud

Sibos 2019: Regulation isn’t enough to trust the cloud Written by Ruby Hinchliffe 23rd September 2019 Regulation is not enough to bring transparency and trust to the cloud, “we need more practical solutions,” says Credit Bank of Moscow’s deputy board chairman, Sergey Putyatinsky at Sibos. In a panel discussion about the cloud versus on-premise solutions […]

Fintechs: partnerships don’t mean you can be passive when it comes to compliance Written by FinTech Futures 10th June 2019

Partnerships between established banks and fintechs (particularly fintech lenders) are on the rise. A recent PwC survey found that 82% of established financial services firms intend to increase their number of fintech partnerships over the next three to five years. In theory, such collaboration has the makings of a “win-win” scenario. Established banks can get […]

Tighter prudential regulation

Prudential regulation implies that banking institutions must have a “soul”, a gatekeeper with good corporate governance Strong corporate governance to focus on the composition, quality of board members Otherwise, even adequately capitalised banks can be prey to agency hazards KYC procedures would have to be deepened and enlarged Enthrone strict monitoring procedure Apply fully the […]