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Protect your Digital Brand

Do you know that in 2019 529 million Africans connected to the internet and statistics have it that 1 billion will be connected by 2022? Do you know as of January 2022, 109.2 million Nigeria are connected to the internet? Do you know that in 2017 cybercrime cost the African Economies $3.5 billion, with Nigeria leading with $649 million? Do you know some of the risky behaviors you do that leads to cyber threats? If you don’t I would help you list them out; The use of public hot-spots to connect. Total trust on emails sent from people you know. Looking out for spelling mistakes. Freely handing out your personal information. Now you know , there are thousands ways that the internet bad actor will try to scam, impersonate or infringe on your intellectual property and there is only one way to stay safe; Use FRAUD-WATCH DIGITAL BRAND PROTECTION TO PROTECT YOUR PRESENCE ONLINE.

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